101 (Braindump Poem #1)

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I don’t understand;

it’s not like the movies


(eyes meet hearts beat turn feet hey!

i just… i just wanted

to tell you

you look beautiful today).


Eyes meet heart beats heads down hmm…

1)   No kids or girlfriend

(that’s a good start)

2)   How far are we now from Queen Street?

(apt name that. ha.)

3)   That jumper… maybe?

(yeah but, the current fashion…)

4)   And that stubble’s honed down

(i agree, a little too precisely. but then again…)


And that isn’t even starting

to touch

on the bigger questions, like

Isn’t there enough

of love, enough

to fill the gaping

wounds like salt?


And when I look back up

the movie in my mouth has

bombed in my box office brain.

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