The Juvenalia

An update to inform you all of my plans regarding my collection of stories and poems, ‘The Juvenalia’ which I’m working on at the moment.

Basically, it’s composed of three stories (although two of them are long enough to be eBooks themselves) plus a collection of 6 poems. I’m thinking of laying it out as follows:

1. What Is Built: a novella in two parts. It is set in a fantasy world where, at adolescence, one is given the choice to either join the Osren (a race of fish-people) or the Nuvgol (a race of bird-people). The first part, called ‘Doe’, is already complete. It’s about a young woman called Elkett who is torn between the two choices. Two men, one of the Nuvgol and one of the Osren, are vying for her love. When civil war breaks out between the two clans, it seems as though Elkett’s fate is decided for her, though this is not the case. The second part, ‘Phoenix’ sees the Osren, the Nuvgol and the land-dwellers unite in a war against the neighbouring Palrin, whose society is far more conservative in nature. What is at first a simple land dispute escalates into full-scale ideological warfare. ‘What Is Built’ is the longest part of ‘The Juvenalia’

2. Bloody Tulip: A short story about a young man who is drawn into fighting as part of a religious Crusade. Over the course of the story, he comes to realise that the “noble warriors”‘ alongside whom he is fighting are no better than “The Enemy”, whom he has been taught to hate. The shortest part of ‘The Juvenalia’.

3. Heroism: A long short story/short novella which is told from the perspective of Linmar, a fire mage and member of a “band of brothers” who venture out on epic quests, get the girl(s), etc. Linmar lives in the shadow of Rathor, the almighty Hero who leads the group. Through an informal perspective and a certain acerbic wit, Linmar comments on the hypocritical nature of values such as “honour”, “nobility” and “Heroism” (all of which enrapture Rathor) as they journey into perilous caves, battle fearsome dragons and brave dangerous waters.

4. Diary of a Juvenile: A collection of six poems which detail my progression from a naïf boy into a young man. Most of them deal with my sexuality in some way. They are entitled ’13’, ‘The Week’, ‘Love of the Forest Faerie’, ‘Language Barrier’, ‘More’ and ‘This Is the Closest I Can Get’.

I shall put extracts from each of these parts on my blog soon!