About Me

Shwmae! I’m an English/French student and a queer writer from Wales. I started writing when I was fifteen. Check out my Facebook page, Twitter, Wattpad and LinkedIn.



The Vampire & The Dead Boy: My first ever full-length novel and the work that kick-started my obsession with writing. It’s about a boy who sets off to find out how his mother died, learning along the way that he is part of a race of vampires, and destined to meet a ghost and complete his will.  A synopsis of TVaTDB can be found here.

New Flesh: A collection of poetry which I wrote whilst on a creative writing course in 2013-14. Opening with a crown of sonnets detailing the story of how a skeleton named Beaky came to find his flesh again, the collection then continues with a mixture of form and free verse poetry, adopting many different masks and voices which constitute the new flesh which Beaky must create, with a focus on the themes of rebirth, depression and healing.

Diary of a Juvenile: A selection of poems I wrote between the ages of 15 and 18, documenting my growth from a naïf boy into an adult, from a queer perspective.

Bloody Tulip: A story I wrote about a boy who gets dragged into a religious Crusade. Over the course of the story he realises that ‘The Enemy’ who burnt down his village are no worse than the ‘noble warriors’ he is fighting with.

Heroism: A story about a band of adventurers who go on quests, rescue princesses, get the girl, etc. It is written from the point of view of Linmar, an elemental mage who lives in the shadow of Rathor, the legendary Hero. With a touch of acerbic wit, Linmar comments on the hypocritical nature of heroism as a concept as he documents their adventures together.

Wattpad poetry collections:

Juvenalia Miscellanea: poems I wrote between the ages of 15 and 17 on the theme of growing up, coming to terms with religion and sexuality.

The Bones Beneath:  a selection of poems written on my 2013-14 creative writing course which did not make the final cut. As such, they consitute the ‘bones beneath’ the collection of ‘new flesh’.

Wattpad stories:

To Taste the Sun: A simple story about two friends – a young boy and a girl – in early 1970s Wales. They are fascinated by a tall wooden tower built on the local pier and decide to climb it so that they can discover what the sun tastes like.

Silence and the Raven: A short story about a man who, after an “incident” at work, escapes to a meadow to collect and order his thoughts. It’s here that he meets a raven, which seems to see into his soul.

Working on:

What Is Built: This is a novella in two parts. The first part, Doe, I’ve already completed. The second part, Phoenix, is fully planned though I haven’t finished writing it yet. It’s set in a world where at adolescence every citizen is given a choice: one may become either a Nuvgol and grow wings and fly or an Osren and grow fins and swim. The society is one in which nothing is taboo. The Nuvgol and Osren wear no clothes and openly discuss matters involving sex and sexuality. However, it is under threat from the conservative Palrin, and what is at first a simple land dispute escalates into a full-scale ideological war. This will be the first part of ‘The Juvenalia’.


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