Club (Braindump Poem #2)


The faltering beads of sweat sway

As strong arms in unison play

As smog sways up to greet the sky

Money buzzes through mouth and eye


Thin and dry


The conveyor belt looks up high

To see the hands that fashion

This artifice of sweat and light

This paranoia pulsion

This clash

Of need and might


Push piston! Crash and lock!

Let the model meet the maker!

Raise your hand! Fire your gun!

Grab all that you are and run!

Strong arms sunder! Tear the cloth!

Smear the make-up! End the sloth!

Scream we are we are we are we are

“we are we are we are we are”

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Braindump Poems – Update

It appears that WordPress does not like linebreaks.

As a result, I’ve created an alternate space to publish the Braindump collection on my Wattpad. You can reach it here. I shall continue to publish poems here with a short commentary, for those who are interested.

Much love,

L James

101 (Braindump Poem #1)

(Read the full version here)


I don’t understand;

it’s not like the movies


(eyes meet hearts beat turn feet hey!

i just… i just wanted

to tell you

you look beautiful today).


Eyes meet heart beats heads down hmm…

1)   No kids or girlfriend

(that’s a good start)

2)   How far are we now from Queen Street?

(apt name that. ha.)

3)   That jumper… maybe?

(yeah but, the current fashion…)

4)   And that stubble’s honed down

(i agree, a little too precisely. but then again…)


And that isn’t even starting

to touch

on the bigger questions, like

Isn’t there enough

of love, enough

to fill the gaping

wounds like salt?


And when I look back up

the movie in my mouth has

bombed in my box office brain.

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Site Update

Hello all, it’s been a while!

I’ve been getting back into writing lately after a long break, and have decided to update this website. It is now clearer, more focused on my work and less on my ideas.

The theme and URL have also changed as a result, though if you are reading this you already know that!

I will start publishing poetry directly onto my blog. I envision this as a space for rough pieces, poetry that I feel I must write, rather than poetry written with a clear artistic purpose in mind. ‘Braindump’ poems, if you will. I aim to post at least one blog poem a month, in addition to continuing with my other creative works.

I have published the first braindump poem already, titled ‘101’. You can read it here.

Don’t forget, you can also reach me on Facebook and Wattpad.